Yesterday Wasn't A Good Day

It just wasn't working. The kitchen is what the kitchen is. {old shot taken with my web cam}

Two days ago I had hoped that yesterday would be a good day. It wasn't. Yesterday was simply more of the same old same old. Myra, the boss of this project decided enough was enough. Some of the work can be fixed. Some will be lived with. Such is life.

On the bright side of life our geese, Lucy and Arthur, are excellent lawnmowers. I sprinkle a little corn in the area that needs cutting and over the day as they nibble the corn our grass gets trimmed rather nicely.

We have also had a grand success with our tilapia. There was some concern that the daily dose of chlorine used to purify the municipalities water would poison them. We took some local advice and ran the pond water down a small rock wall with strategically placed local foliage. Between the aeration and the plant roots enough of the chlorine is removed. Our fish are growing and beginning to change colour. Life goes on.

The Old Man