You're A Racist That's Commiting Cultural Genocide Because You Drive A Vehicle Invented By A White And You're Indian

That just so silly, dare I say stupid? But that is exactly what some Indians are saying about any artist that doesn't have the right blood in their veins when they incorporate traditional Indian art forms into their work.

It is just fine for them to use steel blades rather than sharpened stone for their carving. No problem if an Indian wants to use store bought paint for their work.

But let someone without the right blood borrow from them and there's Hell to pay.

Time to get real folks. If you don't want to live with the rest of us then by all means appropriate The Donald's wall idea and cut yourself off from the rest of us humans. But before you do let me pass on a bit of wisdom that I was taught while living on reserve:

"A man went hunting. He didn't come back. The village searched and found his canoe but not the man. Later people started noticing things were missing. They decided to set a trap for the thief. Night after night they waited.

Then on the full moon they saw something creeping along the shore. The men waited until it was in their trap and opened fire. The beast, blood dripping from half a dozen wounds turned and fled.

They gave chase firing as they ran. Soon the monster weakened, slowed, collapsed. The moon was full so they were able to watch as the beast transformed back into the man who had gone missing on the hunting trip."
You can only remain human when you remain with humans. Did the white man oppress you and do horrors to your people? Yes they did. Did your people oppress others and do horrors to them? Yes they did.

How many slaves were buried alive under a big chiefs new totem pole? How many young girls and boys were sold to big name old men to keep them warm during the long cold winters.

All of our cultures were human and all of our cultures did monstrous horrors to those who couldn't fight back.

It's time to move forward, begin to heal and come together as humans. Then and only then will we honor the best that our ancestors believed in and tried to pass down to us.

The Old Man