Why And How?

Because I Can ~ Through The Web

I really am an old man

Nothing is permanent. Not our lives. Not our nations. Not our world. Not even the Universe. We live within a changing reality. Sadly the changes are rarely for the better. I don't believe that there is any way to change the overall slide into a world that in time will encompass us in an overarching evil worse than anything Dante, Milton or the Bible could postulate.

I do believe that it is possible to come together and create islands of love and compassion.  Islands which will not stop the downward spiral but will slow it down and allow those who offer love and compassion to others to live well in a worsening world.

I am an old man who can't get out much. All I have to offer is what I can put out on the web. If some that find this blog are inspired to reach out to others with love and compassion I'll be happy.

The Old Man